University of Southern California

USC Global Conference

Global Challenges for Humanity
Seoul, Korea
May 23-25, 2013

Young-min Koo

Young-min KooYoung-min Koo is a professor of the division of architecture at Inha University, in Incheon, Korea.  He also serves as a visiting and exchange professor in France, China, and Russia. As the founder and design director of ‘Design Network hAUs’ of Korea, he has been engaged in architectural practice both at home and abroad. His projects range from residences to multi-functional complex and campus plans to large-scale urban design.

In addition to these projects, Mr. Koo produces works based on paper architecture, which have been presented at four solo exhibitions in Heyri, Incheon, Seoul and Ulsan as well as numerous international exhibitions. He won the grand prix of the UIA International Competition in the 4th region (Asia/Pacific) in 2006. Engaged in diverse social activities, he has served as a presidential commissioner, the president of Incheon Foundation of Architecture, and a professional consultant for various organizations. His major publications include “Poetics of Cracks,” “Machine in the Garden,” and “Urban Pagoda;” and several books including Dialogue in-between, Imageable Plateau, Refuge Dream of Architect in 30s Living in Incheon, Through Architecture, and Rediscovery of Incheon.

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