University of Southern California

USC Global Conference

Global Challenges for Humanity
Seoul, Korea
May 23-25, 2013

Joo-ick Lee

Joo-ick LeeJooick Lee is a film producer known for specializing in multi-national co-productions such as Seven Swords, A Battle of Wits and The Warrior’s Way. Fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese, he has successfully implemented international co-productions that have also introduced Korean talent to the global film market.

On his first film project, Together, by Chinese director Chen Kaige, he introduced Korean artist Kim Hyung-koo as the director of photography. For the Korea-U.S. joint production of the remake of Korean director Lee Man-hee’s Late Autumn, he brought on board rising Chinese actress Wei Tang in a lead role. In Hong Kong director Tsui Hark’s Seven Swords (selected to open the 62nd Venice Film Festival), he introduced Asian audiences to the popular Korean actress Kim So-yeon.

In The Warrior’s Way, he cast perennial Korean acting favorite Ahn Sung-ki alongside American and European stars Geoffrey Rush and Danny Huston.  The film marked an unprecedented collaboration between production teams from Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and U.S.


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