University of Southern California

USC Global Conference

Global Challenges for Humanity
Seoul, Korea
May 23-25, 2013

Eamonn McKee

Eamonn McKeeEamonn McKee, Irish Ambassador to Korea, is a native of Dublin and was educated at University College Dublin, and then went on to the National University of Ireland, earning a Ph.D. on modern Irish economic history.

He joined the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1986 and was assigned to the Anglo-Irish Division.  He served as political officer in the Washington D.C. embassy working on the peace process, immigration (Morrison visas), and ending his tenure there as press officer.

McKee returned to the Anglo-Irish Division in 1996 where he worked on a range of justice and security issues (including “Bloody Sunday–the Irish Government’s Assessment of the New Material”); cases involving confidence in the administration of justice; policing; and parades.  He was a member of the team involved in the negotiation of the Good Friday Agreement.

Between 1999 and 2001, he served as press officer assigned to the Consulate Generate of Ireland in New York. He returned to work in Anglo-Irish Division, working on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and on the Cory process, which assessed six controversial killings in Northern Ireland.  In 2005, he served as head of humanitarian assistance work for the Irish Aid program in the Development Cooperation Division, working on the establishment of the Rapid Response Initiative and on the provision of relief in the wake of the Pakistan earthquake.  In 2006 he was appointed United Nations director and was assigned to establish the Conflict Resolution Unit, which he headed as director from 2007 until his posting as ambassador to Korea in August 2009.

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